Worlds of Fashion, Art, and Music Collide with New 'Yunomi x Kiato x Chloma' Collaboration

Worlds of Fashion, Art, and Music Collide with New ‘Yunomi x Kiato x Chloma’ Collaboration

There’s nothing I appreciate more than incredible collaborations brought together by incredible people, and I can’t help but get ridiculously excited when those happen. So imagine my excitement when I heard that my favorite fashion brand was collaborating with my favorite musician, as well as my favorite illustrator, to craft their latest drop. But it doesn’t stop there either, with this collaboration all being brought together by my favorite back-alley boutique; well, that’s exactly what’s going on with the just-announced “Yunomi x Kiato x Chloma” collaborative release, brought together by PARK Harajuku.

Worlds of Fashion, Art, and Music Collide with New 'Yunomi x Kiato x Chloma' Collaboration

Aptly titled “Fashion”, the multi-media collaboration sees Yunomi call on CY8ER’s own Rinahamu for an all-new single of the same name, while illustrator Kiato pens the gorgeous artwork attached and Chloma brings the illustration’s fashion to life. It’s the sort of project that you’re lucky to see once in your life, and from everything previewed so far, it works so, so well. Set to launch on December 15, the collaboration will be joined by a release event at PARK Harajuku where those who buy Chloma’s goods will additionally receive a download code for Yunomi’s tie-in single “Fashion (feat. Rinahamu)”. 

Modeled by Rinahamu, the collaborative drop sees Kiato’s adorable cat-like take on Chloma’s 18-19 AW “Reflective Furry Cap”, complete with ever-so-subtle ears. Produced in three different colorways, “Space Cider”, “Strawberry Milkyway”, and “Black”, the drop will be made available through PARK Harajuku, with each piece set to go on sale both in-store and online priced at 9,000 yen. Though it’s not part of the drop, the cap is paired with Chloma’s incredible Shelter Coat that remains a staple of each season.

Set to begin sale on December 15 from 13:00 pm, the release event will invite Yunomi, Kiato, and Chloma for a special talk event and signing at PARK Harajuku that’s being made available to those who pick up pieces early enough. These events will begin from 19:00 pm at the PARK Harajuku store, and will result in the store closing at 18:00 pm for preparation.

It’s not often that we see a collaboration like this brought to life, so it’s unbelievably exciting to see it happen. We’ll definitely be making our way onsite for the drop. For those interested in checking out even more information, be sure to check out PARK Harajuku’s official website.

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