Yunomi & KOTONOHOUSE Team Up for New Single ‘Koi no Hoshiuranai, Umi wo Sashite’

Easily two of the most versatile artists in the Japanese music scene right now, KOTONOHOUSE and Yunomi have teamed up to create their latest collaborative single “Koi no Hoshiuranai, Umi wo Sashite (feat. Kuishinbo Akachan & Azuki)” released just last night as a free download via SoundCloud. Joining them on the single are the ever-talented Kuishinbo Akachan, also known by her illustrator name Kiato, and multi-talented guitarist Azuki who you hear jamming out during the song.


We’ve seen a lot of interaction as of late between these artists, with KOTONOHOUSE frequently utilizing  Kuishinbo Akachan’s vocals in their latest releases. The tie-in with Yunomi from there is a simple one, especially with Kiato being his main artist and collaborator since their career launched years ago. It’s perhaps because of this group familiarity that the whole song comes together so well, creating a perfect blend of each partaking artists core values.

Available for free download via SoundCloud now, you’re definitely going to want to keep a close eye on these artists throughout 2018 as they continue to grow further and further. This one is definitely going to be on repeat for quite a while.

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