Yuri!!! on ICE Gets Steamy in Onsen Collaboration Event

When you’ve spent all day on the ice, I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing better than dipping yourself into the warm embrace of one of Japan’s traditional onsen. Even amongst the heat of Summer here in Tokyo, there’s always room to take a quick dip and just forget everything going on around you, except Yuri!!! on ICE that is. You can’t ever forget Yuri!!! on ICE. That’s where Tokyo’s latest collaboration comes skating onto the scene, with tourist-favorite Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, one of Japan’s most popular onsen destinations, joining forces with Yuri!!! on ICE to create a winter wonderland right in the middle of summer. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a collaboration without collaborative goods and food, and boy have they got you covered on that. You can expect to partake in Yuri!!! on ICE games; be able to pick up some exclusive goods, and even dine on some Yuri!!! on ICE-themed meals. Did someone say katsudon? The collaboration will be taking place throughout the rest of summer, all the way through until August 20, 2017. But that’s enough fluff, let’s get into the fun part — here’s exactly what you’ll be able to enjoy during your relaxing time at the onsen:

Acrylic figure stands, keychains, clear file-folders, pillows, and even a scale — better hope you can get it before it slips out the door. After you’ve finished soaking to your heart’s content, and especially after you’ve shopped til you drop, it’ll be time to hit up the food court for some official collaboration meals and snacks. Of course, Yuri’s katsudon comes away as a clear no-brainer here, but let’s take a look at some of the other delicacies you can sample. 

I think I’ll be taking of a couple of servings of that JJ Style Food!!, especially given chili-smothered fries are not something you’ll come across too often here in Japan. Prices all range from 780-1280 yen, or about $8-13 USD.

There are a variety of games to take part in as well. The two highlights are a traditionally-styled stamp rally, which tasks you with wandering the resort and to ink up the collaboration’s unique notebook with all of the characters. Those who are successful will receive either one of the fans seen below, and everyone who participates will get one of the bath bags. 

It’s a lot to take in, but the sheer amount of goods and general activities tied into this collaborative event are definitely not something to be missed. I’d even go as far as saying this might be the first time even I’ve seen a collaboration event go this in all at once, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until the real thing. If you happen to be in Tokyo this summer, and also happen to be a fan of Yuri!!! on ICE, this is definitely not an event to miss. For more information on the event itself, or even if you just want to see more of the official illustrations, I suggest checking out the official website, here.

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