Yuru Camp Liqueur Collaboration Inspired By Club Advisor’s Rum and Cocoa

Yuru Camp rum

Sometimes an anime collaboration product is only vaguely related to the series that it promotes. (KonoSuba perfume? The IDOLM@STER whisky?) But I love that they took Yuru Camp’s rum and cocoa combination and made it into an actual thing. It’s called Yuru Camp x KURAND Captain Rum Special Gold Cocoa & Rum Liqueur. They started taking orders on Tuesday.

Most of the girls in the anime series are too young to drink, and the show is probably better for it. But the Outdoor Activities Club’s teacher/ advisor Minami Toba is old enough, and she drinks a lot while on camping trips. She starts out as the mysterious drunk neighboring camper that Rin and Nadeshiko met in Episode 7.

And in the Christmas Camp! episode, she mixes her cocoa with rum.

Of course, while Toba-sensei made her own, this comes pre-mixed (note that it’s called liqueur, rather than liquor). But it is inspired by Miss Chug’s homemade concoction. The label resembles the one on her bottle.

Yuru Camp rum

They recommend that you drink it hot while in front of a bonfire. ‘It will warm you from the core of your body,’ the website says. And it apparently pairs well with cookies and roasted marshmallows. I’m sure it tastes good, even if you don’t have a bonfire.

The liqueur comes with a blue Yuru Camp mug, which kinda resembles her mug (only with a Yuru Camp logo).

They will accept orders through 30 April, or until supplies run out. And they will start shipping at the end of May. It costs 3,800 yen, or U.S. $34.45.

KURAND is a mail-order sake website, but they also do other types of liquor. The collaboration website is here.

Afro / Houbunsha / Outdoor Activity Committee; KURAND
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