YuruCat & Chocolate Combines Laid-Back Camp with Card Game

YuruCat & Chocolate Combines Laid-Back Camp with Card Game

The next time that the girls of Yurucamp (Laid-Back Camp) go on a trip, perhaps they will bring a copy of their own card came.

The game, titled YuruCat & Chocolate, combines the cute and outdoorsy anime series with Cat & Chocolate.

YuruCat & Chocolate Combines Laid-Back Camp with Card Game

Cat and What?

Since its invention a decade ago, several different versions of the Japanese card game Cat & Chocolate have been created.

The original takes place in a haunted house. Cat & Chocolate: Blooming Days has a school setting, and Cat & Chocolate: Business is Business has a corporate business theme.  Sadly, the Nichijou version is not related to the comedy anime series of the same name, but is based on “everyday” accidents, mishaps, and other events.

Whichever version you prefer, the basic concept is simple to learn.

In the game, each player is given a scenario, and a limited number of items (cards).  The player must then use these items and a lot of imagination to come up with a clever solution to the situation.

The scenario and items depend upon the luck of the draw. The solution depends upon the player’s improv storytelling abilities. The other players vote on whether to accept the solution.

At least one reviewer noted the game’s similarity to the classic Japanese art of Rakugo storytelling.

The game won first place in the Japan Boardgame Prize for 2010.

YuruCat & Chocolate Combines Laid-Back Camp with Card GameThe Yurucamp version of the game will feature events and incidents from the laid-back anime series.  The game will be available at Amazon Japan starting Nov. 16.

It will also be available at the Slow Curve booth at Game Market 2020 Autumn at Tokyo Big Sight (Aomi Exhibition Hall) on Nov. 14-15.

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