yuzame label Begin Teasing Upcoming M3 Release MEiSTER

With M3 just under a couple of weeks away, it’s hard to imagine the sheer levels of excitement rushing over me as a number of my favorite artists all share previews of their latest releases that are to be released at the annual event. Just last night underground fan favorite yuzame label shared their latest offerings for the event, and boy is it something else. Calling on the talents of Yunomi, nyankobrq, PandaBoY, and so many other talented producers, MEiSTER is shaping up to be one incredible release.


Set to release April 29 at Spring M3-2018, MEiSTER is a massively diverse compilation of sounds from some of Tokyo’s most respected underground creators. Following the theme of “Sauna,” artists were tasked with creating a sound befitting of the delicate warm pool of water that’ll leave you sinking deeper and deeper into the realm of relaxation. Full information on the release can be found below:

Release: MEiSTER / Various Artists
Date: April 29, 2018(Sunday)
Price: 1,800 yen

1. ジェリーフィッシュ (feat. ローラーガール) / Yunomi
2. ハレハレヤ / 羽生まゐご
3. SAUNA / Utae
5. カジュアルな死 / ヌケメバンド
6. Interlude / rekanan
7. SAUNA SAMURAI (feat. DJ春菊 & ichiyon) / 文園太郎
8. 頭がボーッとして / nyankobrq
9. Re:Circle (feat. 坂口喜咲) / PandaBoY

SAUNER NOTES: 池田晶紀 / とくさしけんご(作曲家) / SOT(Saunaで数えるOneからThousand) / サウナイキタイ / Sauna Camp. / enyahonami(塩谷 歩波) / シシヤマザキ / moshimoss / マグ万平

Jacket Model: 清水みさと
Designer: ハジメファンタジー

Spring M3-2018 Event Information
Date/Time: 2018/4/29 11:00~15:30
Location: Tokyo Ryutsu Center(TRC)
Booth: 頒布ブース:あ-09a,b


Originally founded in 2012, yuzame label has acted as a springboard for a number of highly-respected artists including Tomggg and the MEiSTER featured Yunomi. Since then their creators have gone on to work on a number of different projects, including one that would call on siroPD to animate in the blue shirt’s “toward morning” music video. They’re a melting pot of creativity, and definitely a group you’ll be wanting to keep your eyes on for the years to come. Further information can be found via their official website.

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