Zekk’s New ‘My Hero Academia’ OP Remix Bangs Hard

When it comes to the world of anime music remixes, there are few individuals I hold in higher regards than Korean-based, Tokyo-frequent traveler, Zekk. His high-paced bootleg remixes have long been a staple in my playlists, and are the perfect moodsetter for any point in time. I’ve written at length in the past about his hard-hitting bootleg remix of the “Gurren Lagann” theme, but this time he’s opted to direct his attention to something a little more recent.

Setting his eyes on one of the anime industries biggest names right now, Zekk completely flips the already hype-inducing “My Hero Academia” theme song into a club-ready banger that’ll have you bouncing off the walls, plus ultra. Taking elements from genres like breakcore and hardcore, we’re shown a perfect blend between both this bootleg and the original ‘Peace Sign’ by Kenshi Yonezu. I’m a massive fan of both the series and this bootleg remix, which makes this something I couldn’t help but share.

We reached out to Zekk to see what he had to say about his latest work, with his comment made available below:

The emotions that I base most of my creations off of are both growth and passion. Through growth, we enable ourselves to move forward, but at the same to we need passion to grow. We’ve always got to believe in ourselves, and believe in our companions who put their faith in us. I want to show such passion through my music.

Currently available on both FUNimation and Crunchyroll with subtitled and dubbed options, “My Hero Academia” is not a show to be missed. For more of our music coverage, be sure to check out our full archive, here.

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