Zeon Branded Mini Toolkit Coming, Among Other High End Gundam Goods

Zeon Branded Mini Toolkit Coming, Among Other High End Gundam Goods

When it comes to the sheer amount of merchandise one series has generated, there’s probably more One Piece and Dragon Ball stuff out there than anything else as they’re still the cream of the money crop. However, when it comes to the variety of merchandise, we believe that Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam are neck and neck! With the latter having been a huge influence on the former, it’s only natural that 40 years later Gundam still breaks new ground in the ‘swag’ category. Case in point; We’re not sure who this expensive Zeon branded Mini Toolkit is for, but damn it’s cool.

Zeon Toolkit

Made by Castem, these comprehensive mini toolkit set includes everything you’d need to embark on a serious woodworking or DIY adventure, provided you were the size of an average rodent. you got pliers, wrenches, saws, scissors, and a couple of other doodads, whose technical names I don’t know as I’m an anime nerd and know nothing of tools, all blaring the word Zeon! Castem assures customers that despite their small size, the entire collection can in fact be used! So, if you know any household faeries or perhaps have taught your pet rat some tricks this set’s for you, though it’ll set you back around $180.

Odd as the toolkit is itself, a couple other high-end Mobile Suit Gundam branded goods were announced alongside it. We particularly like this Gundam themed sipping glass, made for the likes of fine sake and whiskey, that has the RX 78-2 dueling it out with a Zaku etched in with laser on the bottom.  A particularly classy way to show off your allegiance to the definitive mech franchise, just one of these glasses will set you back $170. Hey, at least that’s cheaper than the toolkit isn’t it?

Gundam Glass

You can preorder both the Zeon mini toolkit and the glass here.

Sunrise / CASTEM
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