Ziyouu-vachi Release Haunting MV Sadako Theme ‘Seisen’

Ziyouu-vachi Release Haunting MV Sadako Theme 'Seisen'

Ziyouu-vachi has been all over the place recently. The aesthetically and musically unique band has contributed themes to Tokyo Ghoul:re and Dororo, and recently were tapped to do ‘Seisen’ for Sadako; the latest film in the Ringu/The Ring series of films that put Japanese horror on the map. We’ve heard pieces of this song in previous trailers for the movie but now Ziyouu-vachi has droppd this beautiful shot video which Sadako herself makes an appearance or two. The track will also serve as the intro to their newest album ‘Ten’ which comes out May 24. You’re going to want to watch this one at least once.

The track ‘Seisen’, is actually a reworking of sorts of the original film’s ‘feels like HEAVEN’. However, I’d rather focus on the song and the video on their own opposed to comparing them to what’s already been done. Avu-chan, the front person of Ziyouu-vachi, and their unique vocals have always been the centerpiece of the band. Regularly playing with gender presentation, Avu-chan brings their unique visual expression to ‘Seisen’ in a couple of ways. A more masculine presenting edgy goth having one in a graveyard and a more feminine long white haired corpse who looks like an alternate universe Sadako.

‘Seisen’ itself comes across as a mostly standard J-Rock track, although Avu-chan’s vocals are uniquely their own and they come in full on this track. The video is the star of the show though. In addition to Avu-chan’s dual appearances, you have a beautiful macabre secret graveyard the entire band alternatives rocking out and holding a funeral in. It’s quite the contrast. As we said, the videotape girl herself Sadako makes a number of cameos in the MV and can be seen cuddling Avu in its final shot. Good for all the real and wannabe goths out there.

Ziyouu-vachi’s ‘Ten’ featuring ‘Seisen’ comes out May 24. Sadako hits Japanese theaters on the same day.

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