Japanese Eyewear Manufacturer ZOFF Releasing Final Fantasy VII Collaboration

Popular Japanese eyewear manufacturer and retail shop ZOFF have announced that they will be making a collaboration line of their immensely popular glasses for the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The glasses are black in color with the left arm of the glasses being modeled after Cloud’s Buster Sword, complete with materia slots. The right arm will be detailed with a metal meteor logo which is all too iconic from the Final Fantasy VII logo.

The set of glasses also comes with a themed storage case as well as a branded cleaning cloth. If you ask me, the whole set looks really sweet. As someone who is a complete and utter nerd for anything Final Fantasy VII, this is something that if I wore glasses, I would be all over.

The glasses come with an embossed box that houses the glasses and their case with the Final Fantasy VII Remake logo on the bottom whereas the cleaning cloth is a throwback to the original PlayStation 1 box art with it being a white background with the Final Fantasy VII logo placed on it. To top it all off, the Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration glasses come with a commemorative card which reads “Zoff SMART FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Model” with an etching of Cloud on one side with the other side being the Final Fantasy VII Remake logo.

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Another in the long line of events happening for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the ZOFF x Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration glasses go on sale March 3rd, 2020 at Zoff locations nationwide, Zoff Rakuten Store, Amazon, Zoff ZOZOTOWN Store, and the Square Enix e-STORE for ¥15,000 plus tax. Customers will receive their orders starting on April 3rd. The glasses also include the super popular Zoff PC ULTRA lenses which help your eyes relax when looking at a screen for an extended period of time. Super good for those upcoming long nights of playing Final Fantasy VII Remake when it launches on April 10th.

Zoff, Square Enix
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