ZOMBIE-CHANG Locks in on New Song “Gold Trance”


At some point in her career, ZOMBIE-CHANG had to make a choice — chase after mainstream rings, or continue going down her own trail. Her first attempts at original music were free-spirited folk music sometimes peppered by EDM drops, before moving over to a more rock-grounded sound. Then, she cleaned up the noise ever so slightly. She chose to bend pop towards her world. She created catchy songs built around train signal samples and 8-bit pulses, while also crafting new-wave-indebted earworms. This isn’t crashing the Oricon charts anytime soon, but ZOMBIE-CHANG has found a nice balance between weirder places and something that does court a wider audience. 

Her latest single “Gold Trance” pushes that a little further to the left. Watch the video for this locked-in dance-pop number below.

This number features plenty of catchy elements for sure — the singing can glue itself to your brain, and check the dance moves in the video, those are easy to imitate — but “Gold Trance” marks a pretty big swing towards the more unnerving side of ZOMBIE-CHANG’s equation than the pop one. As the title implies, this one pounds ahead on a trance-inspired beat, and ZOMBIE-CHANG’s vocals do their part to become every bit as hypnotic. She also mucks up the electronics central to the tune, while also adding in all kinds of voices along the side to give this one a disorienting edge. 

Most dizzying is that ZOMBIE-CHANG lets the song sort of drift into this formless pound, letting it mutate from something resembling a song into the sonic equivalent of a wheel you spin around a bunch to make someone do what you want. This is ZOMBIE-CHANG’s wonky side displayed in all its glory,with no regard for having to satisfy anyone. That makes it all the better.

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