Zombieland Saga Fanbook to Include New Song Produced With Dempagumi Inc.

Zombieland Saga Fanbook to Include New Song Produced With Dempagumi Inc.

With a second season on the horizon, the popularity of the Zombieland Saga anime continues to grow. This fiction zombie local idol group captured the imagination of many when their anime aired in 2018, and while we still have a bit of time to wait until season 2 comes around, they certainly haven’t been quiet about the series in the meantime. The latest exciting production is a collaboration between Zombieland Saga’s Franchouchou and the very real, definitely not zombie idol group Dempagumi Inc for a collaborative song to be included with the latest fanbook for the series set for release next month.

This is not the first time the two have crossed passed, having first collaborated earlier this year. This time, the collaboration between Dempagumi Inc and Zombieland Saga will see both parties come together to produce an original song together titled Zombieland Dempa. This song will combine the talents of both groups together, and will be included on a CD in the upcoming Zombieland Saga fanbook ‘Zombieland Saga Pia’, set for release on September 3rd.

On top of that, both Franchouchou and Dempagumi Inc are to appear together on a special TV program for Animax called ‘Zombies and Dempagumi to Save the World?! Special’ on September 1st. While the contents of this TV special are currently unknown, we do know this song will debut on the 1-hour special program ahead of the Zombieland Saga Pia book release a few days later.

As a fan of both Dempagumi Inc and Zombieland Saga, the idea of both worlds colliding for an original song is exciting and will make this fanbook a must-purchase in order to hear the new song for myself. The book will cost 1818yen plus tax and release on September 3rd, and you can can find links to all the places selling the book over on Pia’s website. Orders placed with either Tower Records or Animate will include a special poster featuring the collaboration art while stocks last.

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