Zombieland Saga Gets Deliciously Ghoulish With New Cafe

Zombeland Saga cafe

We are almost a third of the way through Zombieland Saga Revenge, and the spectacle surrounding our favorite zombie idol group is still at a fever pitch. And with the adorably undead members of Franchouchou making their way through city streets and virtual bars, it’s only natural that they would make their way back into cafes as well!

Zombieland burger  Zombieland torimeshi

The latest collaboration cafe will be held at the HARAJUKU BOX in Tokyo, and comes packed with all sorts of munchies to satisfy your cravings. Firstly, there’s the petite yet appetizing Franchouchou grilled chicken burger, complete with a side salad and pink mashed potatoes. The menu also boasts another chicken dish in the form of Harajaku-style torimeshi. Both of these dishes seem like obvious nods to the anime’s Drive-In Tori chicken joint, which makes the eating experience more authentic. It’s hard not to envision Saki’s badass biker gang nomming down on the burger after a long day riding along the mean city streets. 

Zombieland Saga champon

The meals here not only look tasty, but most of them are adorable to boot. The one really taking the cake here is the champon, which has the zombified pupperino Romero napping on top of a colorful hill of noodles and veggies.                                                                      Zombieland Saga parfait Zombieland Saga cream puff

When you’re finished with that, you can order another doggo-inspired entry in the form of the Romero Cotton Candy Parfait! If that’s not up your alley, then you can always enjoy the more outlandishly horrorshow Franchouchou cream puff, served with a modest helping of ‘eyeballs” and a glob of gory-looking jelly. 

Zombieland Saga squid crepe

There’s also the dessert ‘ikizukiuri’ that comes in the form of a squid-shaped crepe dish. This squid crepe looks especially appetizing to me. I would hope that Tae doesn’t bust in out of nowhere to gnaw my arm off for a bite

Zombieland Saga latte

Zombieland Saga drink 3

Zombieland Saga drink 2

Zombieland Saga drink 4 

Zombieland Saga drink 1

Of course, no meal comes without a satisfyingly tasty beverage. You can order some special drinks featuring all of your favorite Zombieland Saga characters to help wash down your meal. All of the idols’ drinks come in the form of chilled icy drinks, while manager Kotaro Tatsumi’s custom drink is a hot latte. I guess it’s only fitting that somebody as hot-headed as Kotaro would get a drink with enough zip and heat to match his personality. 

In addition, you can also snag some original swag featuring original illustrations of the Franchouchou members donning adorable maid outfits. This swag comes in the form of key chains, coasters, badges, keyrings, ticket stickers, coasters. If you can’t be in-store to pick them up, fret not! These goodies will also be available for purchase on the cafe’s website.

The cafe will make its way to HARAJUKU BOX and run from 20 May through the 31st. Advance reservations can be made right now for 715 yen plus tax.

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