Zombieland Saga Manhole Covers Coming to Saga Prefecture

Zombieland Saga Manhole Cover

We already knew that Saga prefecture would have manhole covers of the Franchouchou members to celebrate the release of Zombieland Saga Revenge. Now we have some close-up photos of the first manhole and more info on when and where these manholes will be installed!

I’m not sure if this is a new fad or something, but I absolutely love the fact that there are entire prefectures that are covering their manholes with anime characters or game characters.

Zombieland Saga Manhole

Considering that the show takes place in the Saga prefecture, this is only fitting to do. A total of fourteen manholes are getting the Zombieland Saga treatment in the following cities in Saga: Saga City, Karatsu City, Tosu City, Imari City, Kashima City, and Ureshino City.

Zombieland Saga Manhole

The manholes and the art were designed specifically for this collaboration. If you can’t appreciate the amount of effort that went into doing this, not only on the manufacturing and art side, but on the actual concept that an entire prefecture was involved in making this happen, you might need to reconsider your humanity and join Franchouchou as a zombie.

Zombieland Saga Manhole

The first of the Zombieland Saga manholes was installed today, 22 April 2021. The rest will be installed until 8 June. If you’re a fan of the Zombieland Saga series and you can visit Saga, it’s time to check out some unique manholes!

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