Taito Sound Team ZUNTATA Starts Selling Music on Audiostock

Taito Audiostock

If there is one thing that I always see people who stream or make YouTube content talk about is them not having enough audio content that they want to use for audio in their stream and videos. Taito has a solution for that: they announced today that their in-house sound team ZUNTATA will make some brand new tracks available for content creators to use royalty-free through the service Audiostock.

Taito Audiostock Zuntata

The official announcement outlined that this is the first time a major video game company has worked directly with Audiostock. They have stated the following:

Audiostock is pleased to announce the release of music by ZUNTATA, a Taito sound team that produces not only arcade, consumer, and mobile game sounds, but also albums and live performances as artists.

This is the first time that Audiostock is handling music from a major game manufacturer’s sound team, and Audiostock customers will be able to purchase ZUNTATA’s music on a one-off or subscription basis. The first 13 new tracks will be available for purchase, and more will be added as they become available.

By offering the opportunity to purchase the creative music of ZUNTATA, a group of game sound professionals, Audiostock will provide sound support to customers who produce various types of content such as videos.

If you’re a content creator looking to get some pretty swag music to use in your creations, this might be something that is right up your alley. The ZUNTATA team is extremely talented and covers all major genres of music, not just video game music. I think we’ll be seeing some pretty good stuff coming from this collaboration effort.

Taito, Audiostock
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