ZUTOMAYO Proves They’re a Must-Watch Artist With Latest Single “Konna Koto Sodo”

ZUTOMAYO Continues to Earn Their Place Atop Internet-Age Rock Charts With Latest Single

While in the era of Kenshin Yonezu’s continuous chart-topping success there’s no room for questioning the potential of streaming-focused, internet-associated rock acts, there’s always going to be the question of who comes next. While there are several acts we’ve definitely got a close eye on, there’s little doubt that ZUTOMAYO is definitely one of the forerunners, and not without good reason. With the general paradigm shift away from services like Nico Nico Douga and onto YouTube for this particular style of music, we’ve seen the rise of a whole new generation; proudly presented at the front ZUTOMAYO never fails to deliver, and their latest “Konna Koto Sodo” is no exception.

For those unfamiliar with ZUTOMAYO’s work, as well as the media that fuels every aspect of it, let me give a quick rundown. When you listen to a ZUTOMAYO track, especially on YouTube, you’re clocking in for a solid short film’s worth of jaw-dropping stylistic animation made to pair flawlessly with the accompanying song. For the real ones, think JIN and his Kagerou Project but with a sound made for 2019. While not as intricately linked storywise as the aforementioned artist’s work, ZUTOMAYO and frequent collaborator sakiyama never fail to impress throughout the song’s runtime, and if “Konna Koto Sodo” is your first time hearing ZUTOMAYO’s works then you’re definitely in welcome hands.

Shared alongside “Konna Koto Sodo” was details of ZUTOMAYO’s upcoming debut full album “Sen Sen Banashi” which is set to drop later this month on October 30, 2019. The album, which is being coincided by a nationwide tour across Japan, isn’t something I’ll be sleeping on, and I’m beyond excited to give it a listen and share my thoughts in the near future.

For those interested in checking out additional information, be sure to head over to ZUTOMAYO’s official website.

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