ZUTOMAYO Collaborates on Special ‘No Border’ PV to Celebrate Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis Release

Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis

ZUTOMAYO are celebrating the release of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis with a brand-new promotional campaign featuring a new song.

ZUTOMAYO, the musical outfit centered by vocalist ACAね, has done pretty well for itself in recent years. With a number of chart hits and a recognizable name thanks to a series of impressive animated music videos on YouTube, the rock music of the group has earned itself a legion of fans. While we may never know which fans of ZUTOMAYO pulled the trigger inside SEGA to bring the group on board for their Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis promotional campaign, we here at OTAQUEST sure aren’t complaining.

The two-minute live-action NO BORDER promotional video centers on the varied fans of the game and the ways in which it brings people together. With the new song produced for the collaboration, the video features both the real life personas of these players and the characters they use in the game as a way of representing how they express themselves and connect through it.

The NO BORDER project for Phantasy Star Online represented by the game’s jump to a new engine and new, open style of play with the New Genesis version of the game is represented in the song. ZUTOMAYO, discussing the collaboration, said that ‘because I usually like games, I’ve always wanted to make music based on the themes of them, so I was really glad to be asked to collaborate. I really sympathized with the concept of this collaboration that there are many different standards to live by and that there is no wrong way to live your life.’

For those perhaps disappointed that this song is matched by a live action PV instead of an animated one, don’t fret. An animated music video for the song will be released on 18 June.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is now available, and you can find out more about the NO BORDER collaboration over on the official website.

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